[CnD] first time making corn muffins progress report.

Jeffry Miller gruster66 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 07:34:51 EST 2017

Hello list just want to thank everyone who gave me suggestions including 
what to get to prepare corn muffins.  I finally did it for the first 
time yesterday using the 1/4th measuring cup, and the canning funnel.    
recipe.  2 cups aunt jemima self rising white corn meal.  2 cups butter 
milk.  2 eggs.  directions.  mix all ingredients in bowl.  stir well 
making sure the consistancy is how you want it.  Not too runny but not 
too thick.  spray muffin pan  generously with pam.  Preheat oven to 350 
degrees f.  Use 1/4th measuring cup and canning funnel to carefully fill 
all muffin cups with mixture.  When oven is heated place muffin pan in 
oven and cook on 350 for 15 to 20 minutes.  Check muffins when done, 
with smooth knife or tooth pick.  I must tell everyone thanks again.  my 
first time making them and they all came out whole and without mess.  
only 1 was a bit smaller because i was running out of mixture, lol.  I 
am so excited they came out great.  If you prefer you can use the aunt 
jemima self rising yellow corn meal instead of the white.  Thanks again 
to all on the list, who helped me with this.

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