[CnD] ideas for cooking duck

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This one is tastey.  I got it from "The Herb Book" by Dorothy 
Gordon-Hall and I tried this one and if I get another duck will do it 
You will need two items for the stuffing and when I cooked mine I used a 
sunbeam electric frying pan with the lid on.
You need a box of loose lemon balm from Health Food Store most likely 
and a box of pitted prunes.  The prunes and lemon balm get combined and 
that's all of the prunes and all of the lemon balm and then the duck 
gets stuffed after any bags are removed.  Then into the fry pan for 90 
minutes at 350F.  The skin on the duck came out really crispy and that 
was good eating and the only thing that was left after cooking and 
eating was some fat in the pan and the bones.  This is an old 
Rennaissance recipe.

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> Hi,
> My husband bought a duck. I'm looking for any ideas and/or recipes.
>     Jeanne
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