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The Kitchen Aid is worth the price. Kitchen Aid is the consumer division of Hobart, one of the top name industrial kitchen machine suppliers, and their consumer products are built to the same standards. Also, Kitchen Aid mixers have a lot of additional options you don't have to buy now but can add later, like pasta machines and juicer attachments. The stand mixer experience is so much less work than hand mixers are, so it's worth it. Also note that a Kitchen Aid most often comes with a whip and a bread hook, which opens up your options a lot.
I often let friends work in my kitchen, and many of them have expressed the desire to own some of my kitchen tools, most often two in particular. While one of those varies, the other one is always the Kitchen Aid.

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Looking for opinions on stand mixers.

Are the Kitchen Aid ones really worth the premium price?

What size do you have, and would you rather you made a different choice?

Family of six so we do a lot of double batches.



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