[CnD] microwaving sandwiches

Ron Kolesar kolesar16417 at roadrunner.com
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Jude, may I add to your subject?
The question I would have is this.
Probably on low heat, can you place a cup of hot chocolate and or warm a
beverage up and or use a paper and or plastic plate and or bowl on low heat
like you can do in a microwave oven.
Don't get me wrong From what I've been seeing and you've been quite a bit of
grateful help to get my feet wet sort to speak to decide on this new oven.
But just was curious.
We have a Panasonic 1,500 watts microwave oven, but only a sighted person
can use it.
That's why I'm glad that the nuwave oven has actual physical touchable
buttons and not another flat panel that means nothing to us.
I talked to tech support and the only improvements I can think of for the
oven from all of your help Jude, is to have voice output for the features
and most important to be able to read the LCD screen with.
I was told that they'd pass my suggestions up the line and consider them.
But from all of the members of this list, maybe we all should add our two
cents on how to improve on what I see is a great product.
Many thanks to your help Jude and to all of my new blind cooking friends
from this list.
Ron U.S. ham Radio Station KR3DOG

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I could be wrong, but I thought I read some time back that bread made to
be microwaved needed to be made with a different recipe than traditional
bread recipes.  Another question I have on this subject is whether or not
medium or low power modes would work better microwaving sandwiches and not
dry the bread out so quickly.  One thing I found out about the nuwave oven
is reheat works better on thin sandwiches like cheese steaks and grilled
cheese with tomato but won't work with hamburgers or hot dogs.  Those need
to be removed from the bread and need to be done with cook not reheat and
then put into the bread hot.  I could also use the low rack for heating
sandwiches in the nuwave oven and see if that gets me a little more


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