[CnD] Christmas Baking

Lori Castner loralee.castner at sbcglobal.net
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I probably will not bake anything new, but I plan to bake a mince pie which I have not done in several years.
I also plan to bake a pumpkin pie for a neighbor using the Libby's recipe.
And I will bake panetone (an Italian bread) and several kinds of cookies one called Cinnamon sledges and the second Ranger Cookies, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie which my mother often made.

Lori C.

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Is anyone working on any Christmas baking or candy making? If so, what are your go to recipes? Are you trying something new this year?

My go to recipe this year is the Ritz crackers with peanut butter dipped in white almond bark. Love these & the memories they bring back while I'm enjoying them.

I am trying three new to me recipes this year. A new easy fudge recipe, peanutbutter chex mix (similar to what Marylin shared a few days ago) & hello dolly bars.

i look forward to hearing what you all are making.

Merry Christmas!

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