[CnD] egg & banana pancake

John john2109 at suddenlink.net
Tue Jan 30 13:01:58 EST 2018

Yes, that's correct these 2 ingredents can make a pancake.  You can also add other items: straw berries, blue berrries, peanut butter, and syrp.  I have not made it but only ate one good.  A little tricky to flip, use a thin spatula and make the cakes small, also cook on medium heat.

  a.. 2 eggs
  b.. 1 banana (ripe)
  c.. cooking spray, for pan
  1.. Mash ripe banana well, add in whisk eggs.
  2.. Warm non stick or cast iron pan to medium, spray with oil. Cook silver dollar size pancakes 30 seconds on each side and serve.
You will probably need to cook longer than 30 seconds per side, you want them a little firm before flipping.

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