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I love our glass topped stove. I find it easy to clean and have never had trouble centering the pans over the burners.  I just move the pan around until there is no heat rising around the outside edge. If the pan is smaller than the burner, then there will be extra heat rising all the way around the pan.
The only thing better than the smooth glass top might be the magnetic heat induction system that only heats the stove top under the pan--but they only take certain pans, which could be a pain to deal with.
Anyway, I won't buy any other kind of kitchen stove again except for the glass top.  Did I say I like it?

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DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A GLASS TOP STOVE?  IF SO, WHAT KIND IS IT AND HOW ACCESSIBLE ARE THE SETTINGS FOR the stove?  I am currently looking at a whirlpool and it seems like it may be accessible, however, I would like to hear from yall before I make a decision.  Thanks in advance for your imput.
Have a blessed day.

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