[CnD] Snickerdoodle bread

Sharon Howerton shrnhow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 06:41:02 EST 2018

I made it last night and it is great! Since the corners stuck, one on each
loaf (I used the regular sized loaf pans), I did have a chance to sample; I
made it for my grandchildren and daughter-in-law-my son isn't much of a
sweets eater. The cinnamon chips may not be easy to find, but using them is
worth it. Since there were 4 10 ounce bags in the item I purchased, I'll be
making again, but it is well worth doing. The loaves did stick a little in
the corner even though I thought I greased the pans well; maybe I'll try
putting parchment paper in the pans next time. Thanks so much for the
recipe, Marilyn. Highly recommend. The smell of the cinnamon is worth the
price of admission!


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