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I'm glad you all like it.  I had a muffin tin way back, and neither my husband nor I liked it; we did give it away.  <g<

Deb B.

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Hi Pamela,

Boy, that steamer sounds really nice. None of my pieces are suitable to 
use  on a stove top, but they are oven pieces. I didn't get one of those 
steamers, but may look for one to buy next month if these pans work out 

Do you mind if I ask what brand are your silicon pieces? I'm just 
curious to know what brand people like as I've heard that some brands 
are really flimsy and cheap and don't work well. My Marathon Housewares 
and Classic Cuisine brands doesn't seem flimsy at all to me, but I admit 
I'm not used to bakeware being so flexible and that makes me a tad 
nervous. LOL!


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> Ann, That bake ware works very well in the microwave or oven. Just follow the instructions given and you will do fine with it. If you don't like it, you could give it away again, but I cannot imagine you would want to do that.
> As long as you stay within the temperature guidelines they set, it holds its shape, and you don't need to grease it or anything. If getting it in or out of the oven is difficult for you, just set it on a cookie sheet, but this will probably not prove necessary. I do not have a full set, but have collected a few pieces over the years. One of my favorites is a steamer that I recently found in a local grocery store. I have used that both on the stove and in the microwave. It is a steamer unit with holes that you place inside another pot and place your vegetables on top and put water underneath.
> Using it in the microwave, I put some water in the bottom of a serving size bowl, add the steamer, add the vegetables, put a plate on top for a lid, and it works very well. The rubberish material keeps the plate from sliding around.
> I plan to purchase more of this bakeware since I don't have much and want more. As we speak, I have a muffin tin coming and some microwave baking mugs for the cupcakes recently discussed on this list.
> More information than you wanted, but I am excited now that I have used the steamer and know how well it works. I was a skeptic at first. Then I got brave enough to give it a try and became a convert.
> Pamela Fairchild
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> Hi folks,
> Someone just gave me a new silicon bake ware set. It has a bunt pan, loaf pan, a dozen re-usable cupcake/muffin cups, a muffin pan, pie pan and I hgtink a square cake pan. I have no experience whatsoever using this kind of bakeware. Other than not using a sharp knife in it and putting them on a cookie sheet for stability, does anyone have any tips for using these things? Is it really true they can be used in either the oven or the microwave, like the instructions say? If using them in a conventional electric oven, what kind of time adjustments will I need to make? I'm used to using metal and/or glass, with the Gotham Steel stuff being my latest favorites.
> Thanks for any and all advice,
> ~Ann
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