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Mon Jul 2 22:02:45 EDT 2018

If I put the cheese block into a Ziploc bag, it doesn't seem to get moldy as fast if I wrap a paper towel around it first. The paper towel also allows the cheese to slide into the bag easier. If the original wrapping is still on the cheese I don't always wrap it with the towel but a small piece over the cut end is helpful. The towel takes some of the moisture out of the cheese and air around it so it keeps better. So does delly lunch meat like smoked turkey, keep better if you wrap it in paper towels when you get it home from the store. It extends the shelf life for at least two days.
My flip answer is, I don't save the extra, I eat it too quickly to have to save the cheese. But that isn't always true. When saving grated cheese I try to eat it within a couple days so it doesn't go bad. Nothing like eating the cheese and finding trouble in the bottom of the bag. They put something in the store bought grated cheese to preserve it longer, but the cheese you grate yourself, not so much. But the cheese you grate always tastes better. Yes, I can tell the difference.

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