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You can do some interesting things with a bit of variation. Cocoa Krispies also work well, and I've had ones made with Fruity Pebbles that were great. Cocoa Puffs are an interesting one to use, and I know of some folks that use Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead of Rice Krispies.
I'm thinking it might be possible to use M&Ms and Teddy Grahams to make some sort of Smores bars this way too. (I don't know if they still sell Golden Grahams cereal, but if it's still around it would work with the marshmallow and M&Ms too)
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I made this recipe some years ago with home ec class.

Use whole box of rice crispies.

melt marshmallows. When marshmallows are melted put rice crispies in  a pan. pour marshmallows over rice crispies. Chill before serving. I think that's what you do to make it hard.

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