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Larry Gassman LarryGassman at Roadrunner.com
Mon Aug 20 07:29:01 EDT 2018

Thank you.
I would have been interested but already bought one yesterday.
Thanks so much for your offer.
At 03:58 AM 8/20/2018, Gerry Leary wrote:
>Hello, my name is Gerry. I have one of the team on talking microwave 
>that I would happily sell to you. I would want basically about 25 or 
>$30, plus shipping. I would assume the whole thing would take $50 or 
>less. If you would be interested please write me back. It is in 
>excellent condition, are used it at my work. But I had to move my 
>work, and the new place I moved to already had one!
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>On Aug 19, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Larry Gassman via Cookinginthedark 
><cookinginthedark at acbradio.org> wrote:
>Perhaps this is off-topic.
>If so, please write me privately.
>This was written by my twin brother earlier today.
>The electrical chord on our old microwave shorted out and so 
>shopping we will go later today.
>The one we have had for the past several years is a regular 
>microwave on which we super glued Braille. Larry and I are not 
>interested in paying a huge price just for a talking microwave.
>Any recommendations based on what has worked for you?
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