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Interesting tip about turning the eggs over the night before.

I use a very thin non-serrated knife to cut the egg lengthwise. You have to know exactly how to center the knife, and once started, I believe I push down in one go, rather than to go back-and-forth, and then gently pull the Habs from either side of the knife, then lift it out. Before I’ve started, there is extra blade sticking out from each end of the egg, and you work gently to get the yoke out. The yoke is going to be mashed anyway, so it doesn’t matter how it comes out, as long as the whites are unmarred, and don’t have a hole in the bottom or something. After I have mixed my yolk mixture, I use my Tupperware melon Baller to fill the whites, using the smaller ball part. From my last event that I took eggs too, since I don’t have egg trays, and I wanted these to be presentable, I put each deviled egg half in an aluminum foil baking cup, so that it could be lifted off of the plate, and covered with a tent of aluminum foil. After working with each egg I wiped my fingers so that the outsides of the white wouldn’t get messed up before putting in the cups.

It’s not like I am immune, but I have seen at least one person just give up doing various things figuring what cited reaction is going to be. I won’t let it rule my life. A friend of mine was so sensitive she wouldn’t make bread in her bread maker anymore because of how her husband said the loaf came out looking like a mushroom; it’s so sad to see a spirit crushed like this.


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> If you're going to make deviled eggs, 24 hours before you make the eggs
> turn each egg the other way in the carton so the yolk gets a chance to
> center itself in the white.  Leave those eggs alone for those 24 hours
> then you'll get presentation quality eggs when you make deviled eggs.
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>> Here is how I boil eggs and I have had perfect success for hard boiled eggs this way.
>> I put water in my kettle, set it on the stove, turn the burner to high, place a dozen eggs into the water immediately, so the water is not too hot to crack the eggs or burn my fingers.
>> Now I make sure the water comes about an inch above the eggs. I wait for the water to come to a full boil, cover the pot with a lid, turn off the burner.
>> Now I go away for about 20 minutes and ignore the eggs.
>> After that amount of time I run the water in the kitchen sink until it is cold, then set my pot of eggs in the empty sink. I remove the lid, fill the pot with cold water, empty the water from the pot, fill it again with cold water and let the eggs stand for about 5 minutes. Now I can crack the eggs, roll them about to break up the shells, then peel off the shells and the eggs are ready to use or eat or whatever I want to do with them. Adding a little salt to the water sometimes helps the shells not to stick. I have not tried baking soda but will soon. I find if the eggs are just a little warm they peel easier. Also, if I put my cracked, rolled eggs back into the cold water for a couple minutes before removing the shells, water will get between the shell and egg and the separation process is much easier. Sometimes I get an egg where nothing works well. I eat that one immediately out of spite for lack of cooperation on its part, or squish it up for egg salad sandwiches or som
> e simila
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>> use that doesn't care if the egg doesn't look pretty.
>> Now I have a question: Is there a good way to cut the egg open to make debiled eggs? I love them but refuse to make them for sighted people because I can never cut them evenly and they always look like a first grader made them. I would even purchase an egg cutter if one exists to cut a hard boiled egg in half neatly the long way.
>> Cooking soft boiled eggs is harder for me and not so easy. I put the eggs in cold water, bring it to the boil, time 3 minutes, plunge them into cold water to stop the cooking and hope they are not too hard or soft. Since you want them hot enough to serve they will continue to cook a bit anyway after you take them to the table in your favorite serving bowl. The ones who want the softest ones serve themselves first.  Mine are about right if I serve myself last.
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