[CnD] Alternate Uses for Sloppy Joe Mix

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Hi Nicole,

Could you use it for hamburgers?  (if you can eat ground beef); I know there's a recipe somewhere for using Lipton Onion Soup mix for hamburgers so figure you could do the same with sloppy joe mix.

Also, could you use it for the seasoning packet for taco salad?  And maybe as a seasoning packet for soup?

There may be things in these that you're not supposed to have so forgive me if these aren't helpful.

Deb B.

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So far my search fu hasn't turned up any useful information on this.
I've had a major change of diet thanks to end stage kidney disease, so all
of a sudden tomatoes are on the "only very rarely" list. But there's those
five envelopes of sloppy joe seasoning in the pantry. Oops.
Some of the folks here have better search skills than I do. Anyone running
into non-tomato uses for this stuff? I can probably deal with the other
limitations of a renal diet (corn can be replaced with hominy, potatoes can
be soaked, broccoli can be replaced with cauliflower, etc.) but there's no
good substitute low enough in potassium for tomatoes or tomato paste.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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