[CnD] Sissi's Tennessee Banana Pudding - Recipe

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Somebody asked what kind of canned milk was meant in the recipe below. I believe it is the sweetened condensed milk because in most recipes of this type when Eagle Brand milk is mentioned, this is what was meant. Besides, with two cups of regular milk already, there would not be a good reason for using regular canned milk. With the sugar in the cookies and pudding mix this adds up to a lot of sugar with the sweetened milk, but this is also common in such recipes. This is not for anybody who needs to guard their sugar intake and only a rare treat for the rest of us. From the hurried way this recipe was written it sounds like the writer was a child, or in a great hurry to be finished, or afraid of the computer. Its rushed attitude made me smile. It reminded me of one of those school papers that had to be finished, but the day was just too nice to be inside doing homework.

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Sissi's Tennessee Banana Pudding - Recipe


1 box Nilla wafers
1 Eagle Brand milk
2 c. milk
5 bananas
1 (16 oz.) Cool Whip
1 lg. instant vanilla pudding (no cook)

Mix pudding with milk. Add Eagle Brand milk; add Cool Whip, mix well. 3 layers - cookies - pudding - bananas; repeat two more times. Sprinkle crumbled cookies on top.  Enjoy.


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