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Ron, your message about cracking eggs made it to the list.  In my email program which is outlook 2010, my messages to the list show up immediately and it seems like they never make it to the list.  But, they do because I have seen some replies with my message at the bottom.

As for cracking eggs without destroying them or getting shells in the finished product, those sunny side up eggs, you put the egg in your hand and tap it firmly on the counter or a tray or plate with the side of the egg being tapped (not the end).  Then take the egg in both hands and use your thumbs to pull the shell apart where it is cracked but gently insert your thumbs into the crack before you pull the shell apart.  I used to crack eggs on the edge of the bowl or frying pan.  But this may cause shells to definitely get into your egg.  Hope this helps!

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Hi to all.
For some reason when I write a letter to Cooking In the Dark, the letter goes to my private mailbox and not inside the Cooking In The Dark Mailbox.
Now I know what you're all thinking.
Yes I just double checked my message rules/message filters and it states that the mail is suppose to go to the Cooking in the Dark mailbox.
How can I fix this issue?
I'm using Windows Live Mail for my mail client.
Many Thanks.

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