[CnD] Helpful Tips For Remembering To Keep My Coffee Maker clean

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Simply get in the habit of cleaning your unit after every use. I have a Bonavita TS1900 coffee machine with a permanent filter. I just wash it after every time I make coffee.
I've also got a bur mill grinder and was actually in the process of giving it a good clean as I had it put away and only recent took it out again is it's finally getting cool again. 
In general, be it a burr mill grinder, coffee machine or whatever, keep it clean and you'll avoid all the nasties like build up or rancid tastes from residue oil and grounds.
For those who are burr grinder owners, a good breakdown on how to maintain your device is: https://prima-coffee.com/learn/video/maintenance/how-clean-your-burr-grinder
My Capresso Infinity grinder is way out of warranty so I may just go on the cheap and go for the quick cook rice instead of the more expensive pellets. But anyway...

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Dear Members,

Recently my Mom bought me a one-cup coffee that is kept in the Home Management kitchen for me to use during the week. One day this week I accidentally forgot to take the coffee filter out of the filter basket. Can you give me some tips to remember to take the filter out of the basket?

Roanna Bacchus
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