[CnD] Probably super easy

gail johnson gailj715 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 04:19:50 EDT 2018

Here's how we've made grill cheese in the NU-wave.
1. butter both sides of two pieces of bread. The easiest way I found is to make sure the butter is room temperature, use the back of a spoon and very gently starting at the middle of the bread spread it to the edge all over.  
2. Place your cheese on one slice. My husband likes two slices of cheese.
3. Cover with the second slice.
4. Cook on the default power setting for 5 minutes. You might check it at 3 minutes I don't know how toasted you like your bread.
You can write us off list.
It cooks meat from frozen.
Roast vegetables are grate.
Pizza heated in the Nu-wave is so much better than from a Microwave.

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