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HI William
Let me tell you how I make my grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches or just cheese.
First I heat up a pan or flat grill on medium heat.
Then I take my two slices of bread and have my cheese ready. I like to add some kind of meat so I refer a fresh slice of medium cut turkey or at least a bit thicker sliced then then the really thin sliced
I always get my deli freshly cut at the deli.
If you like the already pre-packaged turkey then maybe a couple of slices would do nicely. Smile
Anyways, spread some mayo or butter/favorite spread  on both breads.
Once your pan or grill is hot place the sides of bread that has mayo face down on your pan.
With a spatula check for firmness.
You do this by lifting the bread and you usually can tell by the feel of the bread with the spatula or with our tip of fingers, be careful because the bread will be hot.
Place your cheese over one slice of bread, whether it is shredded or sliced, your choice.
Place the other slice of bread on top and let it settle for about 5 minutes.
Carefully flip the sandwich over with your spatula or tongs.
You can tell if cheese is melted by the sticking or if you careful lift the sliced  of bread and feel how the cheese sticks to the bottom slice.
Once heated through, remove and enjoy. Smile
You can also remove the sandwich after both slices are firm and cheese is slightly melted and finish it off by using your microwave for a few seconds to finish the cheese melting(just another option)
Good luck

Hugs, Sugar

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I hope nobody thinks this is a dumb question.  I obviously haven't had much experience in the kitchen, and now that I need to do it, I want to learn more.  I have a lot of gadgets but also need to do things the basic way, so please bear with me.
I'd like to know from you how to make something as easy or as complicated as a grilled cheese sandwich.  I've tried it once or twice but it's always come out not good.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong but hope you can help me.
What do you do to make a good grilled cheese sandwich?
I'm probably going to be asking a lot more questions but I want to learn!
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