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Hi William!

Please ask any questions you need to.  I've been cooking a very long time as I'm an old lady, but I'm always learning new things.

I've never successfully made a grilled cheese sandwich as my husband makes the bestess grilled cheese sandwiches in my world!!  I do have, somewhere around here, some instructions for baking grilled cheeses, and Tupperware has a grill that folks say produces a wonderful grilled cheese.  

When I was a bride of 18, I knew I'd _never!!!!! Be able to make biscuits--cats' heads or otherwise.  I also knew I'd _never be able to make lots of other things, too!!!  Through the years, I've managed to try all sorts of things, and I can truthfully say that I can cook about anything I want.  (notice I said want).  My favorite thing to do, though, is bake cookies and such and make casseroles.  The only thing I'm not really good at is breakfast and there again, my husband makes the best breakfasts in my world.  <g<

So have fun experimenting and learning to cook your favorites, and we can't wait to hear what you cook!  Before long, you'll be cooking anything you want to, and it'll all be good!  <g<

I can even cook some things now my mom (who's the bestess cook in my entire world) can't cook.  (long stories, and now that she's older) she's always asking me how to cook things she taught me.  <g<

Deb B.

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I hope nobody thinks this is a dumb question.  I obviously haven't had
much experience in the kitchen, and now that I need to do it, I want
to learn more.  I have a lot of gadgets but also need to do things the
basic way, so please bear with me.
I'd like to know from you how to make something as easy or as
complicated as a grilled cheese sancwich.  I've tried it once or twice
but it's always come out not good.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong
but hope you can help me.
What do you do to make a good grilled cheese sandwich?
I'm probably going to be asking a lot more questions but I want to learn!
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