[CnD] Lemon Frosted Angel Food Cake

Marilyn Pennington m51pennington at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 16:19:05 EDT 2018

Lemon Frosted Angel Food Cake

9 or 10 inch angel food cake, prepared and baked

1 (21 ounce) can lemon pie filling or lemon topping

1 (8 ounce) carton lemon yogurt

1 (8 ounce) container non-dairy whipped topping

Lemon slices or lemon jelly candies (for garnish)

Cut cake into 4 layers. In medium bowl, mix together lemon filling and
yogurt. Spread filling between each layer, but not on top of cake. Frost
sides and top of cake with whipped topping; garnish with lemon slices.
Mama's Corner.


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