[CnD] Teriyaki Crock Pot Chicken

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Thu Nov 8 22:50:40 EST 2018

Howdy Folks,

I hate to say but I don't remember the who posted the quick Teriyaki  
chicken  recipe.

I am sorry I can't credit whomever posted but thank you for the great 
recipe idea.

I made my version of it today.

I had two pounds of boneless skinless chicken  thighs.

I cut these into slight larger than bite size pieces and tossed into a 
crock pot already on low.

After I finished tossing in the Chicken, I dumped in a can of pineapple 
chunks, (14 or 15 ounces) Dump in  with juice and all.

I added two tablespoons of brown sugar and then 12 ounces, (1 and 1/2 
cups) of Teriyaki sauce.

I stirred  everything together for a minute or so and put the lid on it.

Walked away...

3 hours later I gave it a quick stir.

3 hours later my wife called and was on her way home...

one more quick stir.

One hour later I put some Crispy Chinese Noodles on two plates.

Using my pasta server, I scooped out some of the Teriyaki chicken 
mixture over the noodles...

and dinner was done!

It was very good...

maybe a little ginger added next time too.

It would be great served over pasta or rice...the crispy Chinese Noodles 
were a nice treat with  the Teriyaki and Chicken

Keep On Cooking!

Dale Campbell

Host-Cooking In The Dark

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