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Glazed doughnuts go well with hot chocolate.  I remember a christmas
party alumnai of Done Movin' Farm went to one winter day and that's what
we had to eat and drink.  A long time ago before hot chocolate went to
Europe, the Incas didn't add sweetener to it but added a bit of red
pepper to it.  I've had it that way and found it tastes different and

But then again I'm the kind of guy who will have no problem peeling a
clove of garlic and stripping off the woody end and eating that clove of
garlic to cure a sore throat.

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> Hi Abby! I never tried this recipe, however, it sounds yummy! I posted recipe last week, and, I thought you might be interested in using this recipe at your gathering. Also, you wanted to know what type of snack to serve along with hot chocolate!  Maybe a cheese ball with crackers, or some type of sugar cookie.
> Hope you will try this recipe!
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