[CnD] Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixers

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How big is the bowl with it?
I have had a Kitchen Aide mixer for almost 30 years. It's bowl is either 4 or 5 quart and have never had a problem with the mixer.
Have fun with it. (smile)

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Hi Folks,

I just got this awesome, I think, Christmas present of a KitchenAid� 
Artisan� Stand Mixer, 5 QT model. Now I'm only familiar with the very 
very cheap K-Mart/Walmart brands, that are really not much more than a 
jumped up hand mixers with a stand to sit them on. This looks so much 
more heavy duty, with all metal construction, etc. Is anyone familiar 
with these brand of stand mixers? What are your views on them? Frankly, 
it feels like it's built like a Sherman tank. LOL!

Any good and easy biscuit or cookie recipes that can be whipped up in 
this thing?

Oh, it also came with an ice cream maker attachment.

Any opinions and/or advice is very much appreciated.


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