[CnD] air fryers and fries

andrew edgcumbe rollercoasterman86 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 22:25:04 EST 2019

Hi My name is Andrew. I  just had a question. Do any of you use a air
fryer? I am just wondering if a blind person can sucessfully use an air
fryer or not. i was in a facebook group where some had been using one. I am
planning to use it for  doing some fries. I am just looking into getting an
air fryer.  Also also has any of you doin done home cut fries like cut them
into like fresh cut fries right from potatoes has any of you done them in
ovin is it reckommended you leave skins on or  what do you do there. I
can't see to know if they are browned up or not.

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