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Hi Andrew
I am also planning to purchase an air fryer but there is so many out there and seems they do more than just fry.
So it's taking me some time.
So yes any suggestions of what style and which one is being used would be appreciated.

As for fries, I have done them in the past.
I usually make wedges and yes I always leave the skin on.

I cut the potato long ways and keep cutting them in to the thickness of my choice.
I don't cut  them to thin and then I place a bit olive oil in a pan and let it got hot
Then I place the fries in the pan until crispy.

Another way to cook them is:
place them once they are cut in to a zip lock baggie. Place seasonings, oil in it and shake the bag up till they're all covered with the mixture.

then off  to a cookie sheet the go and in to the oven for about 45 minutes or so at 350 degrees.
My oven is set at 350 by default since it is an electric one so I don't really bother with changing the temp much
Good luck


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Hi My name is Andrew. I  just had a question. Do any of you use a air fryer? I am just wondering if a blind person can sucessfully use an air fryer or not. i was in a facebook group where some had been using one. I am planning to use it for  doing some fries. I am just looking into getting an air fryer.  Also also has any of you doin done home cut fries like cut them into like fresh cut fries right from potatoes has any of you done them in ovin is it reckommended you leave skins on or  what do you do there. I can't see to know if they are browned up or not.
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