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Well, to me, the attachments ARE expensive, when you are on
SSI.  I am sorry; all I had left was the flat beater,
Bowl and stand, of course.  And, if you like the color blue,
That is what it was.  My last "husband" bought 2 of those mixers,
And when I divorced him in 1997, even though I did not really want it,
He gave me the blue one.  But, after this woman threw away al
Those attachments because of a cockroach infestation, along with a lot of other
Kitchen stuff, I just couldn't see keeping it anymore.  She told me none of those things
She threw out could be cleaned up because of the roaches.
Since then, I don't buy so much stuff anymore.  I just cook with less equipment than I used to.


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darn I wish I'd known back in 2014 you wanted to get rid  of your 
Kitchenaid I'd have bought it from you, attachments or not. Some of the 
attachments are expensive, but usually not nearly as expensive as the 
mixer, itself.

did you not know attachments were not included before you  bought it 
because to let you think that and it not be true is really dirty of that 
person. did you make her give you a refund, at least?

I love my new Kitchenaid. It's far more adjustable and flexible than my 
food processor, which is sometimes too powerful even on Pulse.


On 1/18/2019 3:19 PM, Marie Rudys via Cookinginthedark wrote:
> Hello, All!
> I used to have a Kitchenaid mixer, but, after someone
> Threw out a lot of the attachments I bought for it, I decided I just
> Did not want it anymore.  I just didn't want to re-buy those attachments a
> second
> Time.  They are expensive and I am on a fixed income, so I got rid
> Of the mixer itself by having it hauled away in 2014
> With a bunch of junk.  But, for those who have one,
> Enjoy yours.  And watch that no one throws out your attachments on you.
> I am tired of re-buying stuff when some do-gooder thinks I don't
> Need the extra attachments anymore.
> Marie
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