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As far as why it was discontinued, I have no clue.
Regarding the Bluetooth app, Every feature available is also VoiceOver accessible. 
Truthfully though, while there are a lot of modes you can choose from (beans, rice, yogurt, soup, etc), more often than not, everyone uses for the most part the manual option.
With the Bluetooth app, I am able to adjust pressure cooking time, high or low pressure, select to start right away or delay start or even select a time for it to start the cooking process. Say for example I want to make a batch of soft boiled eggs and I get up early in the morning. I just put the eggs and water in the IP and go into the app, select the manual function and configure it to start cooking at 8:00 AM or whatever and walk away to do other stuff and not worry about coming back to turn it on.
I think the only built in mode/function I actually use is yogurt since we make our very own Quark (European style yogurt).
With the Bluetooth app, you can also check cooking time, temperature, how long it's been on the warm function too. I know for example it takes more or less 60 minutes to make peruano beans depending on how hard or soft I want them to be. So I'll just tell Siri to set a 75 minute timer. 60 minutes for under pressure and say 15 minutes for it to get to pressure, but that will fluctuate depending on what you're cooking and how much water you've got in the IP or if you want to use a shortcut of already pouring in boiling water and so on.
Anyway, with the app, I can peak in and see how much time is left or if a recipe calls for a  slow release, the app again, will also say how long it's been on warm if you don't want to use a timer. 
My sighted wife over the holidays was using the 8 quart IP we also have that doesn't have any WIFI or Bluetooth and out of habit from upstairs, she launched the iOS app from her iPad to check the status and was reminded that it wasn't the Bluetooth one she was using. She grumbled all the way downstairs to check.
So again, it's great having a chart to know what the physical buttons do, but nobodies really talked about what you can actually do or access from within the iOS app.

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Thanks, Cristobal. This is exactly what I wanted to know. I was delighted to read about the accessibility of the Instant Pot a few years ago, but dragged my feet and didn't get one right away. Does anyone know why the Bluetooth model was discontinued? It was my understanding that you could get a great deal of useful information from the IOS app that was not, otherwise, available. So how much less access is there in the wifi model, than in the Bluetooth? Thanks. Lou

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> Hello Everybody,
> We will be putting up the button chart.
> We're trying to figure out how the buttons toggle to high etc.
> Hank says it will probably be up this weekend or early next week.
> Sorry for the delay.
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