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Sugar's Cinnamon Tea


I want to share a tasty and refreshing tea that my home enjoys all year

I hope you and your family enjoys it as well.

I love this tea because as a Diabetic, it is super friendly to my blood
sugars and cinnamon has been proven to help regulate glucose levels in all


It's great hot or if you add a sliced apple to it once it cools off and sip
it as a cool refresher in the spring.



6 to 10 sticks of cinnamon sticks

(the more cinnamon sticks, the stronger the tea)


Large pot of water)2 quart)

1 Apple of your choice (I use red delicious)



Place your pot of water over high heat.

You don't have to fill your pot all the way to the top, you want to leave
about an inch in a half free on top so that the water doesn't over flow.

Place cinnamon sticks in water.

After the first hard boil lower the heat to a medium/low heat until the
cinnamon sticks open up.

Make sure your water does not evaporate. You can keep adding water if this

If you find yourself having to keep filling up your pot you probably have
the heat up to high.

Once your cinnamon sticks open, you can take a pair of tongs and remove them
from the water and dispose of them.


You can drink this hot and add stevia, lemon or just drink it as is, like

Once it has cooled, pour in to a 2-quart pitcher.

Slice an apple and place the slices of apple in to the pitcher.

Refrigerate and use as a refresher.

You don't eat the apples so you don't get any calories but you get the fiber
and the great taste of cool cinnamon water


Sugar Lopez



"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

- - Winnie the Pooh




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