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Okay, what kind? Enchiladas consist of three elements -- filling, tortillas (most often corn tortillas blanched in warm chicken stock to make them pliable) and sauce. Fillings can range from cheese to beef, pork, chicken, chicken and spinach, or the rare veggies, while sauces range from chili con carne, sour cream sauce, Verde sauce, ranchero sauce, and other more exotic options. (Note, chili con carne and what we think of as a bowl of chili aren't the same thing) There's also a thing called "enchilada sauce" that is tomato based with spices, but I can't remember having it in a restaurant around here. (And I've been to a *lot* of Mexican restaurants in my lifetime) A sprinkling of cheese is a common garnish on the sauce.
The important thing is that you can't go wrong if you stick to the basic genre of Mexican food. Spice your meat using standard recipes you find on the internet, don't forget to blanch your tortillas if you're going to do restaurant style enchiladas, (home style are stacked like lasagna and need no blanching) and don't put too much sauce on them, enough to get everything flavored with sauce but not so much you're making enchilada soup.
One more hint -- if you're going to do shrimp enchiladas, don't get too large with them -- salad shrimp are probably a bit too small, but 16-20's are too big for enchiladas.

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Does anyone have a recipe for enchiladas? I sure would appreciate any?


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