[CnD] cooking devices?

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You can buy an alexa accessible microwave from Amazon (probably UK) which can be run using allexa and the allexa product such as an Echo or an Echo Dot.  This device would be using the internet wireless connection from your house.  You would speak the command such as Allexa, set the microwave oven to cook for two minutes." And it would either set the oven and you would need to push the start button or the cooking would begin after the command was given.  As for a slow cooker, you can purchase slow cookers from Amazon UK as well.  

The important thing is to make sure that the products you buy are blind user friendly.  Attached is an article from RNIB which may help although it seems quite outdated.  Also, you can go to afb.org and go to the magazine Access World and look up information on appliances.  Now, this online magazine will be geared to products found in the U.S.

I hope this helps.
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hi guys, Looking to purchase cooking devices.
Slow Cooker, accessible microwave oven, and any other accessible cooking device on the market.
If possible I would like to use Amazon UK.
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