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Depending on how many different types of meat you are freezing this is a simple method I have used. Put the meat in a freezer zip lock bag or whatever the meat comes in and figure out a system with large rubber bands. For example, chicken could be one rubber band, beef two, fish three and so on. If you have a ton of different types of meat this might not work though. Then in your smart phone, computer, or even on a note card in Braille you can write down what is what in case you forget later. Just something that has worked for me in the past.

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Hello fellow chefs
I have a freezing question about meat, and ways in marking packages of knowing what is what.
And with out getting labes wet and all. Any ideas? I did try cutting the freezer bags in certain ways at the opening but forget what type of meat it is smiley.
If any of you have any tips that would greatly appreciate it.

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