[CnD] freezing meat and labeling it

Richard Kuzma rmkuzma at aol.com
Fri Apr 19 12:58:43 EDT 2019

I use a pen friend label, but I have put them on business cards and then
laminated them with a small laminator,

I then punch a whole in the and use rubber bands to attatch them to the item
in freezer.

Then pen friend labels are protected from moisture since laminated and it
works awesomely.

I also have an id mate barcode scanner, which I made my own barcode labels
and did the same business card thing and it works very well also.

For the ones I barcoded I made a duplicate label and put it on a index card
so I can just scan the index cards and see what I have to shccose from
without rummaging in the freezer.

Let me know if I can help any other way.


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