[CnD] Would anyone have good experiences with the Nuwave air fryer

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I think the real question is, what is the difference between an air fryer, a nu-wave oven, and a convection oven?  They pretty much work on the same principle of circulating hot air around the food which cooks it faster and browns it faster and possibly better.  I have an air fryer, and a microwave/convection oven.

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Hi to all.
Just curious to know if anyone has a blind friendly air fryer?
Since I love the Nuwave pro plus portable oven, I got a lot of great help to decide to purchase this unit and use it on a daily bases and love the oven.
I'd like to find a air fryer for making tater tots, onion rings and I do, do frozen French fries at 15 minutes at 360 or is it 365 default high temp on the pro plus.
I also would love to do some deep fried zucchini and cheese stick and mushrooms as well.
Could we do these foods in the pro plus and if so would anyone have some tips and or tricks instead of purchasing a deep fryer that has touchable buttons on the unit?
Many Thanks.
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