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Darn!  I missed it!  Wonder if you can still listen to it.

Thanks for telling me about it,

Deb B.

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Passing along the following. Some may be interested. Hope it is acceptable to do so.


New Discussion Group:


Bowl and whisk next to the words "What's Cooking?


Whether you're a cooking novice or master home chef, it's always fun to discover new tips to use in the kitchen! Join Learning Experts Elyse Heinrich and

Pam Winters as they launch Hadley's newest discussion group, "What's Cooking?".


This month, share your favorite kitchen "hacks" as we embark on this culinary journey. We've got a virtual pantry stocked full with tips, gadgets, and

recipes that's just waiting to be explored by home cooks like you! 

Kitchen Hacks

Date: Wednesday, May 29th

Time: 4:30 PM Central Time

Phone: +1 929 205 6099 

Meeting ID: 764 072 711

One tap mobile (for iPhone): +19292056099,,764072711# 



During the call, you can raise your hand to let the facilitator know you would like to speak by using the following commands:

list of 3 items

. Telephone: *9

. Windows: ALT + Y

. Mac: Option + Y

list end






Tech It Out Logo

This session is going to be all about GPS apps to help you navigate your world. We'll discuss widely available options like Google Maps and Apple Maps

as well as more specialized apps like BlindSquare, Lazarillo and Nearby Explorer, which were specifically designed for those with visual impairment.

go exploring together! 

Where Am I? GPS to the rescue! 

Date: Tuesday, May 28th

Time: 8:00 PM Central Time

Phone: +1 929 205 6099 

Meeting ID: 468 325 263

One tap mobile (for iPhone): +19292056099,,468325263# 



Tech It Out information and past discussions.






More Hadley Discussion Groups:

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Thursday, May 30

10:30 AM Central Time 


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Wednesday, June 12

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Thursday, June 13

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Thursday, June 20

2:30 PM Central Time 











Hadley Logo - Braille "H" in teal square

700 Elm Street

Winnetka, Illinois 60093

800.323.4238 | 



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