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Hello everyone,
As far as I'm concerned, any and all recipes are welcome here.
If you've seen a recipe posted elsewhere that's a repeat, I'm sure you all know where the delete key is. As moderator, I remember people   were asking for tried and true recipes, and frankly, I haven't seen too many of those lately. If I cook  a new recipe   I will post it, and share with everyone, what if any changes I've made according to my taste, or to the ingredients I have on hand. I've also seen another complaint here, regarding instructions like: mix ingredients until lemon yellow, or fry ground beef until brown. Those directions don't seem to bother me, I can ignore them. 
But I've been blind since birth, so maybe that’s one of the reasons why I don't let that get to me. 

What do list members want? If you feel you need to discuss this further, then why not contact Dale Campbell, the list owner.
And if you wish to know how a blind person cooks, without all the  sighted references, then why not listen to the cooking in the dark show? Check out what Cheryl and Dale are cooking up for you all!
Have a great weekend everyone! And to all the Canadian list members, Happy Canada Day,  eh? And also to Our American list members, wishing you all an early  very Happy and Safe Independence Day!
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This is taken from the list guide lines written by Dale Campbell.
4.	Please do not post more than 8 recipes in a day. 
You take the time to post them, so make sure that they get read. Bombarding the list with 10 to 20 recipes will ensure that many are deleted instead of read. 
Imagine if every list member posted over 20 recipes each day...that would result in over 7,000 messages in a day!

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