[CnD] question about magic chef microwave

William Inglis william.inglis72 at gmail.com
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hi guys, Anyone got a link where we can purchase one of these ovens?.

On 06/07/2019 13:35, Jude DaShiell via Cookinginthedark wrote:
> top left button until you hear set minutes; then top right button until
> you hear 4 minutes; then top middle button and you hear set seconds;
> then top right button until you hear 30 seconds; then second button from
> top on left to do the cooking.
> I have one of these ovens and recently had to have my original oven
> replaced since it took some lightning damage.
> On Sat, 6 Jul 2019, Gary Metzler via Cookinginthedark wrote:
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>> Subject: [CnD] question about magic chef microwave
>> Hi All,
>> I have the talking magic chef microwave.  Is there a way to set minutes and
>> seconds together?  I have something that needs to be heated for 4 and a half
>> minutes.  Is this doable?  Thanks for any help.
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