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You don't need to collect recipes, you do great on your own.

I bought some stew meat from Trader Joe's Friday. I'm going to put some cream of mushroom soup in the bottom of the crock pot, then the meat, then some frozen veggies, and then some slices of cheddar cheese. I hope it works out.

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> I wish I had seen the Shepherd's Pie  recipe before I made the decision of what to make with my red potatoes. However, since I also had sweet potatoes and ham that needed using up, I made a Mashed potato casserole. At first I layered the ingredients to make it appealing as you cut through it. Then I discovered that my cream of whatever soup wasn't going to work its way down through my layering and I should have added it on top of each layer, saving a little for the top. What a mess I had. I didn't want to lose the casserole. 
> What to do? I dumped it all into the biggest stainless steel bowl I own, mixed it all up together and refrigerated it until tomorrow morning. 
> Tomorrow I will fill my crockpot about half way up, put in a layer of American cheese, maybe as many as 8 or 10 slices, then put more casserole about an inch or slightly more from the top. Then I will add a nice layer of Cheddar cheese slices, put it on low in our church kitchen, so it will be warmed and ready to eat, with the cheese melted by lunch time. 
> I sampled a little before putting it away, and if it doesn't dry out too much, and isn't super ugly, I think it will be a hit. It tastes very good. The layers from bottom to top were this way when I put it into the crockpot the first time: 
> Mashed potatoes, French cut style green beans, mashed sweet potatoes with just a little maple syrup added in the mashing, diced ham, sweet corn, sweet peas, a top layer of mashed potatoes, and the creamed soup over the top.  With it all blended together as it is, the cheese in the middle and on top will help add the layered aspect.  Adding the cheese will make it not fit in the crockpot but that will give me leftovers to eat at home later, not all bad. If it doesn't disappear well, I will know it came out to be an ugly color. The soups I mixed together were cream of broccoli, cream of cheddar, and cream of celery, with 1 soup can of water. I wanted it to remain more gravy-like than soupy. That is probably why it didn't work its way down through the layers like I hoped it would. And the potatoes, I put through the ricer so they have a little texture. I tried not to let them clump together in the stirring. The sweet potatoes I mashed with the masher. The thinning agent for the soups wa 
> s potato water left over when I boiled the red potatoes. 
> If anybody tries this sort of vague recipe out, let me know how you liked it. I used about two cups of each vegetable, either canned or frozen would work but frozen is better. 
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