[CnD] Cutting mango [OU]

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Internally mangos are fiberous and have much fiber around the pits.  For
that reason, a serated knife will be the most effective tool.
First only attempt to cut through the skin all the way around the mango
from end to end.  If the mango isn't over-ripe it will have good
solidity inside.  Next turn the mango and make a second cut around the
mango from end to end so by the time cutting is finished four equally
spaced cuts are on the skin of the mango.
Next get to an end and pry a corner of the skin up and roll the piece
back off the mango's flesh.
Repeat with the other sections of the peel.
Then slice into the flesh slowly and gently all around the mango.  You
don't want to cut into the pit.  Once a cut goes all the way around it
may be possible to separate one flesh side from the pit by pulling it
off.  Try the other flesh half and if all goes well, you'll have two
flesh halves, a pit and four skin sections left.  A very good choice for
a fruit!

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> Hi Everyone,
> Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for a blind person (age 12) who wants to learn how best to peel and cut a whole mango?
> Many Thanks
> George
> (Proud parent of a blind 12 year old)
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