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The way I peel my mangos  is to place the mango with the smaller end or side  up
Taking a knife, I cut down as if I was cutting it into fourths.
I then start to peel down by taking the top and pulling down.
Note that there is a long and large pitt in the center of the Mango so there is no way you can cut right through it.

Another way I like to eat it and it is messy but so so good is to simply cut it in half(again just slicing it down 
Then peel it that way and just eat it right off the peel.
It is very juicy but so good!
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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for a blind person (age 12) who wants to learn how best to peel and cut a whole mango?

Many Thanks

(Proud parent of a blind 12 year old)

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