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Dixie, I cut mangos like you do, but take time to eat whatever may have stuck to the pit, even if all I get is juice on my chin. That said, if a sighted person is handy, I pass the mango cutting on because they can always do it neater and faster than I can. If I have to do it myself, that is fine. I loved your description and saved it in my Kitchen tips file.

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Hi George,
The way I prepare my mango is to stand it on end, with the skinnier pit edge towards me.  Then I cut it from the north pole to the south pole just to the right of center.  I then turn it 180 degrees and do the same thing for the other side.  This cuts off the two cheeks leaving a finger width band of flesh around the skinny edge of the pit.

I lie that on the counter and run the tip of the knife around the perimeter of the pit.

I now have all the flesh off the pit, and the skin is attached to the flesh.

For the band of flesh I lie that on the cutting board, skin side down.  Hole the end of the skin with my left (non-dominant) hand, and cut away from me running the blade of the knife along on the inside of the skin, and under the flesh.
For the 2 cheeks, I cut a grid of score marks through the flesh towards the skin.  Maybe 4 cuts east to west, and 3 cuts north to south. I then either use a spoon and scoop the flesh off the skin, or turn the skin inside out so that the flesh pops up and the skin is concave.  I can then easily cut off the cubes of flesh.

I look forward to your son posting his recipes here!


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