[Friends] Hear and There on Mon evening and Tuesday, this week a baseball Touch Tour

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H&T is broadcast Monday and Tuesday on ACB Radio Mainstream.  Full episode time below, listen now to a preview at http://twaud.io/RlC 

Monday 11:00 P.M Eastern
Tuesday times below or Click on this link to see times and a link to listen. http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx

This week  will be Part 1  of 3, of a Touch Tour at the Cincinnati Reds Museum.  Phil Gates, his guidedog Kotter and I learn about baseball from 1869 to present.   
Eastern Time US 

Monday 11:00 P.M 

Tuesday, 2:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 5:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 8:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 11:00 A.M 

Tuesday, 2:00 P.M 

Tuesday, 5:00 P.M 

Tuesday, 8:00 P.M  

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