[Friends] Tonight's Books & Beyond: and old friend visits Books & Beyond

Nancy Lynn freespirit52 at charter.net
Wed Apr 14 17:40:35 GMT 2010

When someone has been on Books And Beyond several times, we can no longer 
stand on ceremony. At some point in a relationship, a guest becomes a dear 
and cherished friend. That is the case with tonight's very special friend of 
the show, Joan Wester Anderson.

Many know her as the author of books about angels. Before that, she wrote 
several books on family life and the humor of living with children, a 
husband, animals and all other elements of family life that make it so rich 
and rewarding.

>From this treasury of family experience and memory, Joan has written the 
book Moms Go Where Angels Fear To Tread. We will speak with her about this 
new book, talk about her life and particularly her view of life as a mother. 
What helped her through the difficult times? What memories does she cherish 
of family life? How does one build a strong supportive family?

Joan will answer these and other questions as well as read for us tonight. 
She has a lovely voice  presence and eloquence in writing that can't be 

If you would like to come to the show, please call 218-844-3388, put in the 
pin code, 26657 or the pin code books, if you prefer to remember it that 
way, press the pound key and you will be there. Call a few minutes before 8 
p.m. eastern time so we can become acquainted. This  is a show that   will 
be a treat from a fantastic mother dedicated to all mothers out there who 
daily know the joys and challenges of living with family or want to go back 
and remember their own mother for just a little while.

I was fortunate to have a mother I could talk to about anything. My heart is 
still filled with her voice, and I remember our many talks as I shared books 
and stories with her as she did with me.

For those who did not have  this experience, this show is dedicated as well 
to a woman who loved and encouraged you to fulfill your dreams and cared to 
know   your heart. Whoever she is, remember her as we celebrate mothers and 
the love mothers and other women give to those they love along the way. I 
hope to hear you there.

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