[Friends] Get Stoked for the Stash

Steve Matzura number6 at speakeasy.net
Mon Apr 19 02:17:26 GMT 2010

Come on along for three hours of musical madness and monstrous good
times on the Secret Stash, each and every Monday starting 8am Eastern
(that's noontime UTC, 5am Pacific).  The 60's and 70's music you love
never sounded this good on your old transistor with the dead battery
your brother borrowed to power his flashlight on a Boy Scout hike, so
do yourself the musical favor and spend your American morning and
western European afternoon with me and enjoy the greatest rock and
roll music ever put to vinyl!  Correspondence via email and MSN
Messenger to request at acbradio.org always welcome during the program.

Jump in, roll in, and help me dig in to the Secret Stash!

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