[Friends] tonight's Books And Beyond

Nancy Lynn freespirit52 at charter.net
Sat Apr 24 10:50:39 GMT 2010

All who love books will  certainly agree they  change our lives. Through
them,we come to know   new people and experiences, and  increase our
understanding  of and empathy for others. Books are not only gifts given by
those who love to write but remain our legacy and history  to all those for
generations to come.    Nolan Crabb may be doing the most important work he
has ever done in running the db-review list originally begun two years ago.
As the National Library Service began its transition to the digital age,
many library patrons viewed this with apprehension. What would this new age
be like?
Nolan eased our way along this road by giving us the opportunity to share
our thoughts about books on what has come to be the beloved Bard site
through this tremendously helpful email list.   With each day that passes,
many can barely remember life  without it. Nolan Crabb has given us an
opportunity to share the books we love, the chance to talk about the ones we
hate and all those  in between.
Former editor of Dialogue, and  the ACB publication, the Braille Forum,
Nolan Crabb is a visionary, a man who sees the future as positive and good.
How lucky we are to travel   with him on this  quest of discovery.
Presently director of Assistive Technology for Ohio State University,
Nolan is many  things. Excited by his dreams for his future and ours, he is
a man who understands the importance of family,  always  keeping that first
in the course his life takes.
Come share Nolan's passion for reading and books on our next Books and
Beyond. That excitement  shines through in every thought he has about books
and authors.
This will be on ACB Radio starting tomorrow morning at 1 hour UTC or tonight 
at 9pm US eastern time. Check the schedule at www.ACBRadio.org for other 
replay times. 

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