[Friends] Saturday night oldies on the way tonight

Donna Pomerantz dmpomerantz at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 24 23:27:02 GMT 2010

We'll be there...and what about SPAM vs. Anchovies?
Oh and I love those madlibs.  Those can get pretty fun...


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Hi all,
Hope your Saturday was great whether it was a run around productive day or a
well deserved lazy day.
Tonight Debbie and I will be bringing the usual bantering along with the
great music from the 50s through the 70s.
Also we will be introducing the madlib game where you the listeners can play
along with us.
We will explain the game on the air tonight.
This will really be a lot of fun so come along and join us at 0 UTC which is
8:00 P.M eastern and 5:00 P.M pacific.
The show will be on ACB Radio Interactive.
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