[Friends] The Secret Stash Is Coming Up!

Steve Matzura number6 at speakeasy.net
Mon Aug 23 16:45:55 GMT 2010

I'm just coming in from out of a very rainy New York City street, and
as soon as I dry off and open the solid gold doors of the rock vaults,
the Secret Stash shall commence on ACB Radio Interactive.  Should be
round about the 2 o'clock hour Eastern Time, that's 18 hours UTC, 11am
Pacific.  I'd be pleased as honey floating in a hot cup of tea if
you'd join me there and then, and bring a dish of requests along with
ya if you'd be so kind.  Whilst the stash primarily digs up old top 40
rock and roll, we're not averse to playing a little country, or just
about anything you'd like to hear, if we can dig it up for you.

So, whether it's late morning, early afternoon, or early evening, or
whatever time it is wherever you are on this little blue ball of ours,
join me for the Secret Stash, coming up immediately after Deb.

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