[Friends] Reminder! Don't miss! FW: What's it like to lose your sight? What happens to communication/relationships? Tune in tonight!

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Thu Dec 16 01:29:26 GMT 2010

Coming up in 30 minutes.  
Hi There!

Come meet my friend Kevin chao!  Oh some of you already think you know him
from the world of technology.  On this show, we explore what it was like for
him when he lost his vision.  What happened to communication, relationships,
self-esteem, life values?  What as life like before and what is it like

It is my hope that those who experience points Kevin raises will find
comfort and strength, and the professionals, family members, will also find
empathy, and strive to communicate differently.

Tune in, 9:00 PM EST.

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The show replays every two hours throughout the 24-hour period, and then
goes to my website as a podcast.

You can reach Kevin

kevinchao89 at gmail.com
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