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Is it possible to fall in love with the author of a book? Yes! As I read the 
last of the five books by Eva Rutland available on the download site, I grew 
more and more certain the above answer to the question  remained yes.
How fortunate we are when we read not only a great book but one that speaks 
to our hearts. When an author can take us in to her world, when we can feel 
her pain and her tears, embrace with her all she has told us including her 
triumph and victory over difficulties, we know we have met and spent time 
with a master of her craft.
Eva Rutland is all that and more.  We may live whole lives and never read or 
meet one,  but sometimes we are given fortune beyond price.
Eva Rutland, author of 20 novels, including, Marriage Bait, The Million 
Dollar Marriage, Almost A Wife, Heart And Soul, and No Crystal Stair, all 
available on the download site, is our guest tonight. Eva Grew up  in a time 
when integration was a dream yet unrealized. In the world of African 
Americans, the answer  to most simple desires in life was a resounding no. 
No, you cannot sit here, eat in this restaurant, attend the neighborhood 
school with all the white kids. For black men, even with education and 
degrees that indicated their knowledge and skill, doors for jobs in which 
their intellect and ability would be employed  remained closed.
What is it like to have hopes and dreams that cannot be fulfilled? How does 
this affect a family? What can you do when the answer is no over and over 
again? Where can you find hope and strength to go on?
InEva's life, integration came finally. As a mother of a six year old 
daughter, how do you send your child  out in to a world that will very 
likely reject her? Should your daughter be the first? What can a mother do 
if that world steals her innocent happiness? We all discover all those we 
meet will not love  us or even like us? What would you do if you were the 
first to enter a school beginning the process of integration?
Many years have passed since these events took place. In the voice of Eva 
Rutland, in No Crystal Stair, she will take you there. She will remember and 
you will never forget what that world was like. You will come away from 
hearing  her  wanting more   knowing you have met a courageous and very 
strong woman.
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