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Thank you Larry, I am very glad to be part of the ACB Radio team and to
bring you this show!
Chase Crispin
chase.crispin at gmail.com


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Subject: [Announce] announcing a new show on ACB Radio Mainstream

Hello everybody!
It gives me great pleasure to announce a new program coming to ACB Radio

The program is entitled the Student Connection.

It will be hosted by Chase Crispin who is also a very valuable member of the
main menu team.

The show will air each Tuesday evening starting at 8:00 P.M eastern time and
will replay every four hours through out the day on Wednesday.

A new show will come out once a month but I want this show to get as much
air time as possible due to the content that will be presented here.

Please see Chase's message below for a full description of what the Student
Connection is about.

Chase, I am very proud to have you as a member of the ACB Radio team and I
know this show will be very valuable to students, their parents and anybody
else involved in the student community.

Please spread the word!







Hi All,
For those of you who do not know me, I am Chase Crispin.  I am a blind
student, going into high school.  Most of you have probably heard me on
another ACB Radio Mainstream show, Main Menu, where I often contribute.
I am pleased to announce that I will soon be bringing you a new show to ACB
Radio Mainstream.  The show will be called the Student Connection, and it
will focus on issues and challenges facing students who are blind or
visually impaired.  Even if you are no longer a student, you are more than
welcome to listen and send in your feedback about your experiences when you
were in school.  Each month I will have a specific topic to talk about, but
if you send in feedback I will hold onto it until the appropriate time.
This show will not succeed without interaction.  Even though this show will
not be live, feedback will still be very important.  I will say at the end
of the show what the next month's topic will be, so you can start sending in
your comments, questions, thoughts, stories, etc, to me.  Again, this is
very important, and the show will not succeed without your interaction with
Please stay tuned to this list for when the show will start and the ways you
will be able to contact me.  The first show will air soon, so start thinking
about things you would like to hear about and things you would like to share
for the first and future Student Connection shows.
The Student Connection will be prerecorded, meaning it will not be live.  It
will be one hour in length and a new show will air once per month.  Again,
please stay tuned for the first topic, ways to contact me, and most
important, the show time.  
I am very glad to be part of the fantastic ACB Radio team, and to bring you
this show.  I look forward to broadcasting, to sharing information, and most
especially, to get to know some of you through what you share with me for
the show.  
If you happen to know any students who would be interested in such a show,
please forward this message to them, and let them know that I would love to
hear there thoughts, comments, and stories, and would love for them to tune
in to the Student Connection.  Also, if this message would be appropriate
for any other mailing list that you are on, please feel free to pass this
along to that list or anyone else who you think this new show would help.
Finally, I would like to publicly thank ACB Radio managing director, Larry
Turnbull, for his help and support in getting this show to air.  
I look forward to airing the first show, and to hearing from you on the
Student Connection, heard right here on ACB Radio Mainstream, the talk of
the blind community!
Please feel free to reply to this message with any questions or comments you
may have.
Chase Crispin
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